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Our Main Aim is To Facilitate an Environment that Fosters total Peace of Mind to Our Clients

At Third Eye Solutions we are dedicated to understanding our client’s needs and offering tailor made solutions in a cost effective, efficient and reliable manner.We believe in a pro-active security approach where innovative and cutting edge technology is employed and deployed in tackling the myriad of challenges faced by a wide spectrum of our clients.

Our main aim is to facilitate an environment that fosters total peace of mind to our client’s.we have a robust feedback and complaint management system that ensures we act as per our client’s needs and wishes and also seek ways of improving our products and services

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Event safety an security management is the formulation,preparation and implementation of safety and  security plan and strategies for events.This involves protection of delegates,quest, service providers,organizers, sponsors, partners,clients, media personnel, goods and merchandise, from unforeseen situation such as theft, stampedes, fire or medical emergencies.


  • Event site safety and security
  • Crowd management
  • Parking traffic management
  • Stewards/Usher
security services

Guarding security acts to protect property assets and people by maintaining high visibility and presence that daters illegal and inappropriate actions.The security officers have the responsibility of securing premises while maintaining high health and safety standards.

This is achieved by observing through patrol or surveillance cameras-for sign of crime,fire and/or disorders.They take action by reporting any signs of damage and intrusion incident to client or emergencies services as appropriate.

Our security officers/Guards are highly trained in health and safety first aid and fire prevention providing a complete safety and security capability to client.

Third Eye has been very successful in providing security officers who are trained to fulfill other tasks and duties alongside their general safety and security duties.

In many industrial environment,stocks,raw materials and inventory losses are a major business issue. Third eye security officers are specially trained to implement loss control measures and become an  integral part of the loss prevention strategy.

Loss Control

In many industrial environment,stocks,raw materials and inventory losses are a major business issue. Third eye security officers are specially trained to implement loss control measures and become an  integral part of the loss prevention strategy.

Services under this category include:

  • Loss prevention officers
  • Investigative officers
  • Fraud prevention officers
  • In-store loss prevention officer (store detectives)
  • Dedicated security managers

Our investigation team has a proven work record of successful investigation ranging from commercial fraud,criminal investigation, cyber crime investigations, intellectual property rights(IPR) Infringement and forensic audit.
We  have delivered solid Investigative results in all the undertakings.

how to become a criminal investigator
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Third Eye has an elite term of Close Protection Officers (CPO) trained to international standards for persons requiring a high level of personal protection and security.CPO’s are trained to work as a team as well as individually.They can be covert or overt depending on their clients requirement.

Their responsibility includes route planing with armed or unarmed vehicle,convoy formation,advanced survey’s of premises and knowledge of safe havens as well as maintaining close vigilance of the client at all times.

Our close protection officers are disciplined individuals who are well built and physically fit.All our CPOs have completed an intensive course where they are trained in physical defence and combat skills. During the course they are physically and mentally evaluated by a specialist.

Guard dogs are used to protect against unwelcome people and they are also great deterrents.  They can be used for detection of explosive materials as well as crowd control.

Our dogs services blends together existing services such as security officers to enhance detection capability.The dogs are trained to intimidate and safeguard as necessary.

security dog

We offer the following with our dogs section:

  • Canine security patrol
  • Crowd control
  • Explosives detection

Areas of consultation:
  • New building and complete design for safety and security.
  • Risk and vulnerable assessment.
  • Project management e.g Events.
  • Security infrastructure design.

We incorporate proven tactics with technical expertise to help protect large enterprises and those operating in non-profit organizations against the threat of insecurity and terrorism.Failure to adequate plans and respond to this heightened threat environment can be expressed in loss of life,major liability awards,increase insurgence premium,business recovery and construction cost.Regular assignments include security design,terror threat mitigation and business continuity.

Within our consultancy umbrella,we have variety of skills sets

Health and Safety

Technical Security

Physical Security

security Management

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